Unique new brand chooses to pop-up on the Pier
Unique new brand chooses to pop-up on the Pier
Unique new brand chooses to pop-up on the Pier

Unique new brand chooses to pop-up on the Pier

Something very special is popping up on the Grand Pier for two days only. On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December, new brand Bioniciconic will be opening a pop-up shop in a kiosk on the Pier.
This brand is very different, it doesn’t have a target market, instead it has a target mindset to attract people who are thinkers, creators and instigators from all walks of life. Bioniciconic focuses on offering interesting things to interesting people, and already this inclusive ethos has seen the brand win customers in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, the USA and the UK.
Brand founder JJ explains, “We came to Weston to check out Banksy’s genius Dismaland, and took a good look around the town. What we found was a truly interesting town with a brilliant mix of locations, a stunning beach and this epic Pier. We believe Weston is a real hidden gem and for creative people, it’s all just waiting to be discovered. To be here with our first pop-up shop is perfect, as we’d rather be here meeting real people in a brilliant location than in any of the established “on trend” locations such as Shoreditch. Weston appeals strongly to us as it is a very real and genuine town - and that’s rare to find these days.  So although only 9 months old, when the opportunity to open up on the Pier came our way it was a big YES from us.”

For the Grand Pier, co-owner Michelle Michael explains, “There has been a long tradition of piers showcasing all things new and interesting, so we’re delighted that a brand of this calibre is coming onto the Pier. For Weston, I believe this is truly encouraging as it shows how a cutting edge brand, that’s building an exceptional following, can see just how special and appealing our town is. I’ve seen the products and know they’ll be popular as Christmas gifts so it really is worth popping on to the Pier to check out Bioniciconic.” 

The Bioniciconic pop-up is offering a selection of the brand’s best sellers at special “On Pier” prices and as JJ says, “Opening on the Pier is exciting for us, we hope our creative thinking resonates with Weston and we really look forward to meeting people and giving everyone the opportunity to shop with us.”


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