Crazy Circus

Crazy Circus

Three storeys of moving floors, mirrors and mayhem


Per Person/Per Ride

How much do credits cost?Credits explained The cost of each credit reduces when the number of credits bought increases. £1 = 1 Credit £5 = 5 Credits £10 = 12 Credits £20 = 25 Credits £50 = 65 Credits


In the Crazy Circus thirty six amazing tricks, over three floors will give you a chance to laugh your way around one of Grand Pier’s longstanding favorites. You can’t help but smile when you find yourself in a revolving room, on a flight of moving stairs or rolling around in the hamster wheel!

Crazy Circus Facts

  • 3 floors of fun
  • 36 tricks to negotiate
  • A family favourite
  • Ride opens at 11am

Can I Ride?

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old
  • Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Ride unsuitable for persons over 113 kilos (18 stones)

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i loved this ride when i went last summer, its got lots of effects and is an unmissible attraction througout the pier.

By cory on April 14, 2012


where can i buy the tokens from?

GRAND PIER REPLY: Hi, you can buy ride tokens from any of the staffed change booths, from electronic screens dotted around the pavilion and from our retail shop and Adventure Cove Cafe.

By haneefa on June 2, 2012


How long are credits valid for?

GRAND PIER REPLY: Hi, credits are valid for three months from the point of purchase.

By Barbara on August 7, 2012


i i am 15 years old can i go in this ?

GRAND PIER REPLY: Yes, no problem

By hayley on August 14, 2012

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