Big thrills from Britain’s smallest rollercoaster - a must try ride!


Per Person/Per Ride

How much do credits cost?Credits explained The cost of each credit reduces when the number of credits bought increases. £1 = 1 Credit £5 = 5 Credits £10 = 12 Credits £20 = 25 Credits £50 = 65 Credits


Imagine all the thrills of a traditional rollercoaster, but indoors and without the track! That’s the amazing Robocoaster, an innovative ride that uses the robotic arm technology used in car plants and takes two passengers on the thrilling ride of a lifetime.

Robocoaster sends you in all directions, even upside down, and as there’s no track you’ll never know what twists and turns are coming next!
This is an amazing must try ride that takes the rollercoaster experience to a whole new level.

Robocoaster Facts

  • 2 riders at a time
  • Different levels of 'extreme'!
  • Ride in mid-air above the main pavilion floor
  • Ride opens at 11am

Can I Ride?

  • Ride is not suitable for children under 8 years old
  • Ride unsuitable for persons under 1.4m (4ft 7in) or 1.95m (6ft 5in)
  • Ride is not suitable for persons over 113 kilos (18 stones)

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Kristian Meredith

Bloomin’ Brilliant!!!

By Kristian Meredith on May 9, 2012

Absolutely wicked ride. Had it on the fastest setting. Defo love to do it again - fab fab fab!!!

By Emma Hackett on July 14, 2012

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