Tiny Tea Parties Presents: Halloween Pirate Takeover



Tiny Tea Parties Presents: Halloween Pirate Takeover

Shiver me Timbers! Pirates have taken over the Pier!

Shiver me timbers! Pirates have taken over the Grand Pier, and you’re invited to join their crew! As part of our new ‘Tiny Tea Parties’ events, we are pleased to present this special Halloween Pirate Takeover event for your little ones to enjoy.

Children will enjoy a disco and party games before being seated in the galley for their hearty meal consisting of a choice of chicken nuggets and chips, sausage and chips or veggie sausage and chips. After the meal, scrub the decks and make way - the Captain is coming aboard!

Tickets for this special event are only £15 per child and include all of the above plus a one hour session in our Adventure Cove soft play area, and all children will be fully inducted into the pirate crew and given pirate hats and balloon swords!

Lunch session: 12pm-2pm (with 1 hour in Adventure Cove 2pm-3pm)

Admission: Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance and are available online or through the Retail Shop.
Adults – Free (a maximum of 2 adults per child)

For more information, please contact a member of the Events Team on 01934 646155 or email events@grandpier.co.uk


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