Food & Drink

At The Grand Pier, we offer more than just an indoor theme park – come fuel your fun with our assortment of food and drink options that cater to all seaside cravings, ranging from classic Fish and Chips and delicious Ice-Creams, to scrumptious, freshly made Doughnuts. We have something for everyone!

We are proud to share that ALL our eateries and kitchens have achieved a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 stars!

Food Safety | Allergen Awareness

The Grand Pier takes the safety of its customers as its highest priority. Please take time to read our allergens statement from our kitchens.

The Grand Pier operates several kitchens across its site in Weston-super-Mare where all allergens are present at all times and are in constant use. Whilst we make every effort to prevent cross contamination, we cannot guarantee cross contamination has not occurred in our multi ingredient kitchens. If you have specific allergies, or are interested in an allergen or ingredient in our foods, please ask for our full ingredients list from a member of our team.

For those guests with serious food allergies, it is important to recognise this statement and to know that the food produced in our kitchens will not be suitable for them.

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