Experience the thrill of our 300-metre, split-level Go-Karting circuit!


Per Person/Per Ride

How much do credits cost?Credits explained The cost of each credit reduces when the number of credits bought increases. £1 = 1 Credit £5 = 5 Credits £10 = 12 Credits £20 = 25 Credits £50 = 65 Credits


Get ready for the drive of your life on our biggest ride! The Go-Kart track comes in at just under 300 meters long and includes no less than eight bends to test your racing driver skills. Being indoors you can drive all year round on the only electric floor pick-up track in the UK, and at 5 meters wide you’ve plenty of space to maneuver like Jensen Button.
From first time drivers to Go-Kart experts this circuit is a must try ride, full of excitement and thrills.

Arrive & Drive
Simply turn up at the Go-Kart track on the first floor and hop in a kart!

The Go-Kart track is also available for exclusive hire for your celebrations and corporate events.

Adult Go-Kart Packages

Le Mans - £15 per person
Includes; safety briefing, driver tuition, a ten-minute practice session followed by a ten-minute ‘fastest lap’ competition.

Daytona - £25 per person
Includes; safety briefing, driver tuition, two ten-minute practice sessions, a ten-minute ‘fastest lap’ competition and a five-lap Grand Final.

Grand Prix - £35 per person
Includes;  safety briefing, driver tuition, one five-minute practice session, a minimum of two qualifying heats of five laps, two five-lap semi-finals and a ten-lap Grand Final.

Go-Kart packages need to be pre-booked, are for a minimum of eight people are subject to availability. Please contact our Events Team on 01934 646155 to check available dates and make your booking. For Junior Go-Kart Parties, see our ‘Parties’ page. ‘Parties’ page.

Go-Karts Facts

  • The UK’s biggest go-kart circuit of it’s type
  • The Go-Karts can reach speeds of up to 60mph in professional mode
  • 300-metre track on two levels
  • Party options available
  • Available for parties and corporate hire
  • Track opens at 11am

Can I Ride?

  • Riders must be over 12 years of age
  • Riders must be a minimum 1.40m (4ft 7in) tall

Get Your Social On


daniel attard

They are like scalextric but on a bigger scale!!! I love Weston pier

By daniel attard on February 21, 2012


i am 12 years old do i have to still pay

GRAND PIER REPLY: Hi, yes, everybody has to pay.

By laura on August 21, 2012



How many laps or how long do you get to drive with your one go?


GRAND PIER REPLY: The standard ride is approximately 6 minutes.

By Sophia on September 16, 2012

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