Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter

Whizz down our double helter skelter for twice the fun.


Per Person/Per Ride

How much do credits cost?Credits explained The cost of each credit reduces when the number of credits bought increases. £1 = 1 Credit £5 = 5 Credits £10 = 12 Credits £20 = 25 Credits £50 = 65 Credits


This classic seaside attraction, has been given a new twist at the Grand Pier - it’s our bespoke double helter skelter!
Choose your slide- red or blue and see who’ll make it to the bottom fastest. Good old fashioned fun for everyone!

Helter Skelter Facts

  • Choice of two slides - one is quicker than the other!
  • Opens at 11am

Can I Ride?

  • Ride is not suitable for children under 8 years old unless accompanied by an adult
  • Ride is not suitable for persons over 113kg (18 stone)

Get Your Social On


What about child 8months old,can she go for a slide too with a adult.

GRAND PIER REPLY: Hi, yes as long as she is on your lap, she can go down too.

By Iva Kostrec on July 25, 2012


so which one is actually faster!!!!!

GP REPLY: Red. Or Blue

By ashley on September 26, 2012

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