Throughout May, The Grand Pier will be lit purple every evening to show its support for the Knife Angel statue situated in Weston’s Italian Gardens. The Knife Angel is visiting Weston-super-Mare for the month of May as part of a nationwide tour to highlight the issue of crime. Read more here.

The Grand Pier Takes Further Steps to Become a More Inclusive and Accessible Destination

Weston-super-Mare’s iconic seaside attraction, The Grand Pier, is pleased to announce the launch of its new sensory features as part of its ongoing commitment to becoming a more inclusive and accessible destination.

With over 100,000 visitors per year, The Grand Pier feels it is incredibly important that all of their visitors feel comfortable and at ease on their trip, so they get the most out of their day. 

At the forefront of The Grand Pier’s dedication to inclusivity are the newly introduced noise-reducing headphones and tinted glasses. These new additions provide individuals with sensory sensitivities and the ability to customise their environment and minimise potential stress triggers.

Noise-reducing headphones and tinted glasses can be obtained from the Grand Café till on the ground floor of the pavilion, as well as the Gift Shop till located on the 1st floor. A small deposit of £5 is required, and customers may keep hold of the items for the duration of one day.

The Pier understands that sensory challenges can significantly impact the enjoyment of an experience, and by offering these features, it aims to create a more pleasant visit for all guests.

In addition to the noise-reducing headphones and tinted glasses, The Grand Pier has created a dedicated quiet room, providing a peaceful space for both visitors and staff. This purpose-built space is specifically designed to offer sensory reduction and moments of downtime to those in need.

The creation of the quiet room showcases The Grand Pier’s deep understanding of the diverse requirements of its customers and its commitment to ensuring that every individual feels valued and accommodated.

To access the quiet room, customers need to notify a member of staff of their desire to utilise the facility, and they will be granted access.

Tim Moyle, Operations Director of The Grand Pier, expressed his immense pride in the work carried out by the team to enhance accessibility at the attraction. He said “We are incredibly proud of the steps we have taken to ensure our site is inclusive for all. By introducing noise-reducing headphones, tinted glasses, and a dedicated quiet room, we are demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and providing a welcoming environment where everyone can fully enjoy their visit.

In addition to these new initiatives, The Grand Pier already boasts an array of impressive accessibility measures, including five strategically located accessible toilets, clearly signposted wheelchair access lifts equipped with features for visually impaired individuals, and wide walkways to facilitate easy wheelchair manoeuvrability.

By creating an environment that promotes accessibility and seamless navigation, The Grand Pier ensures that all guests can explore and enjoy the attraction comfortably.

With a range of features designed to cater to diverse needs, the Pier aims to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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