Throughout May, The Grand Pier will be lit purple every evening to show its support for the Knife Angel statue situated in Weston’s Italian Gardens. The Knife Angel is visiting Weston-super-Mare for the month of May as part of a nationwide tour to highlight the issue of crime. Read more here.

Grand Pier Introduce A New Secure Fun Card

What is a Fun Card and why should I get one we hear you ask?

Simply put it’s a pre-payment card that not only pays for over 250 machines site wide but also rides and attractions too. Furthermore, because we are trying to reduce our green footprint this card will make the paper prize tickets a thing of the past. Now prize tickets can be transferred directly onto your card for safe keeping. Just tap on the payment pad and transfer your winnings directly to the card.

Yes, that’s right, there are even more benefits to this system. You can get your Fun Card on your next visit to the Grand Pier for just a £1 refundable deposit. However, if you choose to keep and register your card, you’ll receive exclusive future offers and deals all year round!

You can preload your fun card safe and securely, online, at the gift shop situated on the first floor or use one of our all new self-service kiosks and you could receive bonus credits!!

How does it work?


This new system has been on Ride and Attractions Director, Tim Moyle’s radar for some time now. “I’ve been wanting to put something like this in play for quite some time now. With people being less likely to carry cash around on them these days, it made absolute sense to introduce our own digital ‘pier currency’ card. The idea is simple, make things easier, safer and more rewarding for our visitors whilst also going ‘greener’. Visitors will no longer have to carry round and convert their old-fashioned stream of paper prize tickets. Instead, those with Fun Cards can elect to scan them to their card. In the future we will be offering big rewards and more discounts for Fun Card members. The applications for this card are endless, it’s an exciting time!”

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